Marriage isn’t an everyday rosey thing, it requires lots of hardwork and commitment to last for a lifetime. Most marriage articles are mainly about how wives should make their husbands special, but how about what these women really need from their husbands to feel special?

The following are ways you as a husband can make your wife feel super special:

1. Put her needs above your own

Let it be known that a woman’s need is way higher than that of a man. Matter of fact, women consume more (financially) than men…YES! As a man, become the biggest servant of your wife, you will win when you do this (I know some people will shoot me for this…lol). However, if you can get this right, your wife will feel honoured every single day of her life. And she would definitely show the same respect for your needs too, trust me!

2. Show up unexpectedly, often

ONLY stay at work late three out of the five days of the week, come home early for the other two days. Surprise her, SURPRISE HER, Surprise her. Women love surprises. Voluntarily go with her to the things she is involved in.

3. Think like you’re a student

While in school, I bet there was no distance you were not willing to walk for a girl or measure you weren’t willing to go to see her, talk to her, or be with her. This tends to die somehow after marriage. Revive your relationship and begin to think and act like a student.

4. Give her 1 for every 3

For every three hours you’re working or spending time doing what you love, give her one full hour of your undivided attention.

5. Actually want to be with her

It’s one thing to say you want to spend time with your wife, but it’s another thing to actually want to do it. She can however tell when you are faking it. Do not attempt to fake or pretend to want to spend time with her, do it because you want to and let it show.

6. Ignore your phone at home

This is a big one for most guys, phones have become a part of everyone, you discover that people can’t go anywhere without their phones, this is the norm. However, once in a while or better still whilst going on a date with your wife, leave your phone at home. You don”t have to leave the house with it, afterall, whose call are you expecting? Your attention and focus should be 100percent on your wife.

7. Date her

Yes, actually date her. It is very important to do this. For some odd reason, we as individuals tend to lose the value of this after marriage. This is not supposed to be so. Spend time away from your kids. away from the familiarity of your house and go out on dates. You sure won’t regret it.