Diary I   –    Introducing…

Woke up this morning with a terrible headache, practically crawled out of bed. It dawned on me that the life of sleeping 6 hours a day and watching TV another 6 hours was OVER!

Before now, I wake up 7:00am, pray to the heavenly Father (morning devotion), go back to sleep again for a refresher course :D, eat, watch Telemundo :D, and then sleep again *sigh*…But starting last week Monday, all that stopped coz I got a job.

Okay, where do I start from? From the beginning, I guess :p

I was born into the Oyetoro family 22 years ago, the 15th of January 93. The first and only daughter of 4 kids…surrounded by boys, literally! I’ve spent all my life in Lagos.

Primary school ———————— Lagos (check)

Secondary school…………………. Lagos (check)

Higher Institution………………… Lagos (check)

Youth service………………………still pondering (pending)…

I’m eagerly waiting for Youth service, when I’d finally be out of Lagos, to Ogun, Osun or Ondo, hopefully…LOL (I’m hoping, right?)….hehee…anyway till then.

So I’m working right now, while waiting for Youth Service. Finished my final exams June 22nd. Someone is already wondering how I got a job so fast in this time of economic meltdown…lol

Well, I’d just say I got lucky and I got the job…:p

Back to where I started, I literally crawled out of bed this morning into the bathroom. The process of taking my bath and dressing up for work was done so sluggishly, I was half asleep, half awake during the whole procedure.

My workplace has a rule of getting to work latest 7:30am, a minute after that is 5k debit straight…Girls aint smiling, once I noticed it was 7:20am, I stormed out of the house and within 9 minutes thereabout I was at the office :p (advantage of living near your work place if you dont have a car)…

Oh by the way, I must buy a car next year, remind me to add it to my bucket list for next year :D…It is so needed, chai! Even though, my driving skills aint even perfect yet. Another bucket list for this year…Before the end of 2015, I must perfect my driving skills…ADURA!

So I got to work and got started for the day. So far, today has been so boring and draggy. Probably the reason I decided to create this blog, partly because I miss writing and have been itching to go back to writing and also because I have been so bored, I needed a new challenge. Hopefully, I get to continue with this blog and not get tired…another ADURA!

It’s 2:00pm already, LUNCH!