This was posted on a site (Nairaland) by someone:

For the purpose of Privacy, her name would be ‘unknown’. Your advise and comments are needed.

Name: Unknown

Please i need help/ideas on how to handle my boss and Job!

I have been working With him for the past 5-6 months now. Whenever its month end he acts funny (looking for faults, though he has not seen any) he pays me every 13 of each month (He pays 10-14 days after 13) Which has not been a problem.


Recently he said i have not been useful to his company. His company is going down because of me. Now he doesnt want to pay me off or pay me. My people i have prayed and fasted for an improvement, yet nothing. U know why? the services we are into, he is not good at it (people are complaining). Our price is twice higher than others around us. He is not always around. Lastly , He is very rude to clients . The worst of it all, he doesnt want to change rather he thinks am not working hard.

Now my fears, i dont want to stay idle at home( even though my duties are not useful to my career) secondly, He has not givne me my appointment letter.

Pls advice me on what to do. I have lost my peace of mind. i feel less of myself.

Before i forget, The post was for Computer operator but i saw another duty when i came in.

Okay people, what do you advise?