Dear Diary,

Today is a beautiful day because it’s FRIDAY!!! I always look forward to Fridays because they are a reminder that the weekend is just round the corner and obviously the last day of work.

Yesterday was my Project defence in school. It went well, did my best and left the rest to my Defence Supervisor(s) and Project Supervisor…hehehe. I had a really long day yesterday, left Ikeja to Ikorodu where my school is situated at past 6, got to school at 7:30 thereabout.

Defence started 9am and within 30minutes I was done with mine.  After the whole defence saga, I had other stuffs to do because I knew I might not get a chance to do them later on.

So project defence is over and checked. Whats next? Await service year.

So I’m at work counting down till 5pm when I’m supposed to close from work, even though I know it would be farther than that. I need to SLEEP, Gosh! I feel like I have not slept for days. The joy one gets when you go to bed on a Friday night and you know there’s no work to go to the following day…the joy cant be described…gosh!

I got a Thank-God-Its-Friday invite from a friend yesterday, but I turned down the invite. Someone is wondering why? Well, I want to spend my Thank-God-Its-Friday night, in bed, sleepinnnnnnnnnng! I can’t trade my sleep for anything in the world. The clubbing/partying can be postponed to next week, literally!

I also get to watch all the episodes of Telemundo and Zeeworld I have missed during the week back-to-back.

Can’t wait.