Dear Diary,

You know that feeling you have when you are neither here nor there, not happy nor sad…thats how I’m feeling right now. Anyway, this week promises to be a promising week. This is the last week in the month of July…meaning gradually the year is coming to an end.

I remember December 31, 2014 last year at the crossover service, I remember praying to God and listing out everything I want to achieve the following year (2015) in prayer and on paper. Halfway into the year, I still haven’t achieved half of what I listed out that night. Instead, I feel like I have suffered a great setback, probably the reason why I have been feeling woozy this past few days.

However, I still can’t help but thank God for bringing me thus far, this year was the year I graduated after spending 5 years in school, this was also the year things improved greatly for my family, both financially and otherwise. God has been so faithful, I must say.

I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately, I feel like I have become spiritually weak. Gone are the days when I’d go to church Saturdays for evangelism, haven’t even sang in the choir for about two years. I have been a fill-in-the-space-go-to-church-only-on-Sundays- person. This is one of the areas I really need to work on before the year runs out, I have to get my spiritual groove back. Our God is a merciful God I must say, even in my unrighteousness. He has remained faithful.

Today is Monday. Gosh! I hate Mondays, it reminds you the week is just starting, and you still have a very long 5 days to go till the end of the week.

My weekend was great, spent most part of it in my room sleeping. I literally slept my eyes out. I noticed I developed a red spot in my eyes, I was so scared, I went straight to Google (my best friend), searched for “red spot in the eyes” ;D…thankfully, Google said it’s absolutely normal, and it would clear out in three days. Today is the third day, I hope to God it clears out by tomorrow morning and not develop to Apolo. I haven’t had it in years, so Apolo I don’t miss you, don’t come back.

Another thing I need to decide on before the end of the year is what Professional certification to enrol for. I’m torn between CIPM and HRBP. Professional certification is something I want to invest in in 2016.

My boss always say and I quote “A CV without a global certification is a stinking CV“…I quite agree with him. Global certifications are fast becoming very essential, people recognize ACCA more than ICAN these days.

Okay, got to go now.