Hi, I’m Lola (full name is Cherry Ibilola Oyetoro). Friends tease me with the name ‘Mango’ ‘Agbalumo’, even spoilt my name to ‘Sherifat’. Therefore, in order to avoid ‘stories that touch’ :D, I decided to stick with my native name ‘LOLA’ for the purpose of this blog.

I was born and raised in Lagos, lived practically all my life in Lagos (at least for now)..I love reading, meeting new people, traveling (so far the weather is conducive for it…lol), singing, watching movies and music. I am what you would describe as an “Introverted” person..hehehe

This blog is about fashion choices for ladies, stories that you can connect with (true life and fiction), music videos, music and movie reviews, ย and also a personal diary depicting my daily life. My goal is to ensure any visitor that visits my blog has something to ponder on and doesn’t have a dull moment, literally!

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