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Hearts of Steel – 1

“I want it, Mummy! Please…please…pleeeeze!”

I pretended that I couldn’t see or hear the little boy sitting across from me in his mother’s lap, squirming and begging to  be set free. He’d already broken the child safety harness that was supposed to rein him in. As the plastic toy football sailed past my head yet a third time, I turned up the volume of my MP3 player and tried not to glare at him.

Now, where was that magazine I’d picked up at the airport? I’d better not have lost it. The thing might have cost me three times the regular news stand price. Where do they get off charging that much for a magazine?  For that kinda money, the pages had better be edged in gold.

Maybe they were. That article about the rise of black women in the business world looked interesting. I could use some extra pointers to help me get ahead. Recent college graduate, dewy-eyed intern. I felt like I had a FRESH MEAT sign on my back for all the employees at the consulting firm to take advantage of.

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Dear Diary – Reflections

Dear Diary,

You know that feeling you have when you are neither here nor there, not happy nor sad…thats how I’m feeling right now. Anyway, this week promises to be a promising week. This is the last week in the month of July…meaning gradually the year is coming to an end.

I remember December 31, 2014 last year at the crossover service, I remember praying to God and listing out everything I want to achieve the following year (2015) in prayer and on paper. Halfway into the year, I still haven’t achieved half of what I listed out that night. Instead, I feel like I have suffered a great setback, probably the reason why I have been feeling woozy this past few days.

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Hearts of Steel (A Story) – Prologue

Here, my first story on this blog.

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Diary II – Thank God It’s Friday!!

Dear Diary,

Today is a beautiful day because it’s FRIDAY!!! I always look forward to Fridays because they are a reminder that the weekend is just round the corner and obviously the last day of work.

Yesterday was my Project defence in school. It went well, did my best and left the rest to my Defence Supervisor(s) and Project Supervisor…hehehe. I had a really long day yesterday, left Ikeja to Ikorodu where my school is situated at past 6, got to school at 7:30 thereabout.

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7 ways to make your wives feel lucky

Marriage isn’t an everyday rosey thing, it requires lots of hardwork and commitment to last for a lifetime. Most marriage articles are mainly about how wives should make their husbands special, but how about what these women really need from their husbands to feel special?

The following are ways you as a husband can make your wife feel super special:

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Game of Thrones season 5, Episode 10 review

I can’t recall a Game of Thrones season finale that left as many characters lives hanging in the balance as Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 10.

Is Jon Snow truly dead? Did Sansa and Theon survive that jump? What will become of Arya? What’s the deal with the Mountain anyway?

All I can say is, it’s going to be a ridiculously long ten months until Thrones returns.

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Her Boss wouldn’t pay or sack her

This was posted on a site (Nairaland) by someone:

For the purpose of Privacy, her name would be ‘unknown’. Your advise and comments are needed.

Name: Unknown

Please i need help/ideas on how to handle my boss and Job!

I have been working With him for the past 5-6 months now. Whenever its month end he acts funny (looking for faults, though he has not seen any) he pays me every 13 of each month (He pays 10-14 days after 13) Which has not been a problem.

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Dear Diary

Diary I   –    Introducing…

Woke up this morning with a terrible headache, practically crawled out of bed. It dawned on me that the life of sleeping 6 hours a day and watching TV another 6 hours was OVER!

Before now, I wake up 7:00am, pray to the heavenly Father (morning devotion), go back to sleep again for a refresher course :D, eat, watch Telemundo :D, and then sleep again *sigh*…But starting last week Monday, all that stopped coz I got a job.

Okay, where do I start from? From the beginning, I guess :p

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